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City Views #494: Two Houses

I have shown a similar shot before, but this is the first I’ve taken with the Powershot SX1 – it’s the old house down on Mülheim’s Dickswall with the houses up on the Muhrenkamp above in the background. The height difference is considerable between the two streets at this location and if I had a way of going up that wall I could be right at the end of the street where we live and be home in a couple of minutes – but I have to go the long way around! But I don’t actually walk along there very often and the way from the inner city actually does have a shortcut with a pedestrian bridge only a bit to the West.
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Christmas on Mars

Another Christmas leftover – I posted this one first in the WSH Crew Google+ Community on Christmas Eve. This is my Lego Curiosity Mars Rover with a bit of decoration and an appropriate colour timing. The original is still busy driving around on Mars and has even taken a Christmas selfie recently!

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Balcony Flowers 2015 #638

Now that we’re between Christmas and New Year, I’ll continue with the rest of the Balcony Flowers.
Here are some fresh Geranium blossoms from November 1! :-)

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