Galleries: ISS Long Exposures

The only other kind of astrophotography I can do with my cameras is long exposures and combined with watching the International Space Station flying over at night, it makes fascinating photos. This involves finding out when the station is coming with websites like Heavens Above and then using the addon-firmware CHDK to persuade the camera to take exposures longer than 15 seconds. The Powershot S2 and S5 I used in 2012 and 2013 had quite a bit of sensor glow when I pushed them to 60 or even 120 seconds, but the SX1 has proven to be much better in that respect. I haven’t taken a lot of those photos over the last couple of years, but I’ve collected them all in the three galleries linked below. Click on the preview photo above to go to the 2015 gallery or the links below for the others – and for annotated photos, you can check out the single posts in the ISS & Co blog category. There’s also a G+ version with all images in one album over on my Google+ Profile or the Astrophotography Collection.

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