Analog Tales 1: Do It Yourself

Remember that I started shooting on film again a couple of years ago? I didn’t get around to shoot a lot, but I always wanted to. Sadly, my plans were thwarted when my nearest film lab of choice stopped taking in film and I didn’t want to send my films off to some anonymous automated lab.

But why not to do it myself? This summer I ordered a film developing starter kit from Fotoimpex and I already developed a few rolls, including one that I shot with a newly acquired analog camera. Of course I can only develop black and white, but that’s exactly what I want – colour film is much more expensive and not easy to get these days, but with prices between 6-8 Euro for Agfa APX or Fomapan it’s really affordable. Since I’ve been scanning and restoring film for over 20 years and I own a good film scanner, it’s also easy for me to digitize, edit and even print film.

I’m still going to shoot mainly digital, but there will certainly be more film photography in the future – I’ve already stocked up with more film and developer and this series will continue with some photos and articles about my analog camera collection.

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