City Views #480: Panorama 1

I was desperately searching for some way to continue the City Views series and then I remembered I shot a few panoramas around Mülheim’s lower Kaiserstrasse at the beginning of November. This particular one will soon be a historic shot, because this whole old wing of the Catholic Hospital will be demolished next Spring. A new building has already been constructed in the inner courtyard which you can already see on Google Maps (see below) – both Google Maps and Earth have now recent satellite imagery from this August from our city and I will try to include more Maps coordinates now – sadly, we still don’t have Street View in Mülheim and we probably won’t ever get it, but this is why I started the City Views series in the first place! This panorama didn’t stitch perfectly and has a few errors, but I left it like this and there’s also a link to a colour version below that shows off the brown brickwork better.
» Colour Version « | « Google Maps »

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