Archive 12. December 2013

Snow from the Past

One year ago in early December, we already had the first snowfall. It’s pretty cold now at the moment, but since it doesn’t look like it will snow anytime soon, here are some photos from December 7th. I had already posted some of these back then on the blog, but I recently reprocessed these and put them all in a dedicated gallery. This is only the first part of the re-done snow photos from last winter, there will be more soon.

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Rowan Snackbar IV

A tiny little bluetit surrounded by lots of breakfast, lunch and dinner :-).

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Autumn Colours #40

A wall of colours :-).

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Autumn Flowers #6

This is actually more like an ex-flower, but it fits perfectly into the autumn scheme.

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City Views #92: Berliner Platz V

With this last quick shot of Mülheim’s Berliner Platz I think I’ve done my duty in representing this location. You can see the front entrance of the Sparkasse bank building here across the street – the round sign on top of it actually rotates and alternately shows the time and temperature on one side. It’s not a particularly good photo, taken with my first digital camera in April 2003, but the first one I found going through my old photos – in black and white it still looks decent, though.

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