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City Views #97: Hauptbahnhof II

This is the other side of Mülheim’s central railway station and although this photo was taken ten years ago, it still looks about the same – which means, I’m sorry to say,  pretty shabby. It’s not a nice corner of the city and while the entrance to the station, where the S (for S-Bahn) sign is visible, has been extensively renovated now, the outside and the underpass of the railway bridge at the right still do not look very inviting. The street bridge on the top left will be torn down next year and supposedly then the whole location will be completely remodeled, but I wouldn’t bet on it.  This may be one of the worst views of our city that I have shown so far, but I think even those perspectives need to be seen.

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Bon Appetit!

The snackbar is now open for business! We wanted to get a bird feeder for a long time, but never found a really good one. When I saw this one at Amazon, we just had to get it – it only arrived a couple of days ago and today we had the right weather to finally “install” it. Now only the birds have to find out about it!

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Last Flower

A lone cornflower I found on December 17th – this is definitively my last flower photo of this year.
Oh, except those collected galleries which I’ll probably share sometime next week! :-)

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