Archive 19. December 2013

City Views #96: Hauptbahnhof

This photo is only a little over ten years old, from April 2003, but it’s already a piece of history – this is Mülheim’s old central railway station building before the recent renovation. Here it still looks like its somewhat old shabby self, with the square in front a patchwork of concrete. Today the area has been somewhat improved, but it took a long, long time until the Deutsche Bahn had finally begun with the renovations. But until today, Mülheim (Ruhr) HBF still does not have toilet facilities – there is still some construction work going on in an empty part of the building, but nobody is entirely sure if someone is really building some restrooms there! For some more information about the station, see City Views #30.

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Leaf Maps #2

Another natural street map courtesy of a wine leaf from the end of October.

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Last Leaves

From December 10th – some very last leaves still clinging on.

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