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City Views #95: Kaufhof

I’ve mentioned the Kaufhof department store at the west end of the Schloßstrasse many times, but I don’t think I showed a real photo of it yet. This is one from 2009 showing the main entrance of the store on the left and a bit if the nearby city hall with the distinct tower on the right. Those were better days, but here the Friederich-Ebert-Strasse had already been rebuilt with the tramway and bus lines running through it – before they used to go around the Kaufhof with the station between the city hall and the department store. The re-routing was done to promote this part of the city, which had already suffered a lot with many closed stores. The Kaufhof, originally built in 1953, had already been much neglected by its owners and in spring 2010 it finally closed for purely financial reasons, leaving the whole expensive re-development of this area in limbo. The building itself is still empty – there have been half-hearted attempts to get some other stores to move in or alternately tore the whole house down, but for three years nothing but a lot of grand talk has happened and the whole affair has only become a sad joke. We have some classic views of the building from the 1950s and 1960s in our archive which I have to show at a later time, since some photos still need to be rescanned and restored.

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Leaf Maps #1

I did some of these in October and November, but somehow I forgot to post them – so here they are!

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I may be out of flowers, but there’s still some green stuff to look at!

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