City Views #172: The Real City Hall

Yesterday I started the River Views series with a photo of Mülheim’s city hall or Stadthalle, although it is not the seat of the city government but a concert and theatre hall. In this photo you can see Mülheim’s real City Hall, which we call Rathaus in German. I’ve shown this building complex with its distinct tower, one of the city’s best known landmarks, a couple of times before, but never from this perspective because I simply didn’t have any good photos from this point of view. The Rathaus was originally built between 1912 and 1915, heavily damaged during the second world war and rebuilt and expanded in the 1950s. Recently it was again extensively and expensively renovated. The square I’m standing on here is actually supposed to be a market place, but since the market has been moved to the pedestrian zone and is only happening on certain weekdays, this has been mainly turned into parking lot, which is a bit of a shame.

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