Archive 7. November 2014

Balcony Flowers #532

Apparently I processed way too many Roses for this series, but I’m going to post them anyway :-).

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Autumn Colours 2014 #1

Autumn is almost over and most of the leaves are down – time to post at least some Autumn Colours!


Cactus Flower 2014-II #22

At this stage, the cactus flowers look ready to fly away!

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Balcony Flowers #531

The Elvis of Pumpkin flowers!

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City Views #271: Inner City Roadworks 2

This was the crossing between Mülheim’s Leineweberstrasse and Friederich-Ebert-Strasse in April 2008 during the big rerouting of the tramway rails. A huge chaos, of course! In the background are the bank buildings on the Berliner Platz, to the right is the area I showed in the previous photo.

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Balcony Flowers #530

Still green and fuzzy.

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