Archive 30. November 2014

Autumn 2014 #24

Last week, there were still quite a few colourful leaves on the trees.

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Balcony Flowers #588

This Rose photo and the one before are now from the beginning of August. Catching up slowly!

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Moscow Flyer

More experimental planespotting with the new camera – this Aeroflot Boeing was on its way to Russia. It’s still difficult to catch planes with the 20x zoom lens, so sharpness is not quite perfect yet.

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Winter Migration 2014 #14

Migrating Geese, painting moving patterns in the sky!

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Balcony Flowers #587

The strangely-shaped Rose was growing up nicely!

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Tree’s Up 2014

First Advent, but actually we’ve had the tree up since yesterday, although the balls were still missing. But we made it in time! This is only a first try of taking a good photo of it – a larger than usual tree and the new camera make this very interesting and I’ll probably take some more pictures soon!

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City Views #291: Oberhausen 13

This somewhat futuristic area is one of the combined bus and tram stations in Oberhausen, which always make me somewhat jealous because we don’t have those here in Mülheim!

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