Archive 1. June 2014

Six Strings

This is just to prove that I occasionally take photos of something else than flowers.
Have some music instead!

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Balcony Flowers #124

The Rose situation on May 12th. These are all red ones, so you know what’s coming :-).

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Springflowers #156

The yellow blossom from the previous photo – Lilies, Honeysuckle? I don’t know!

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Springflowers #155

Something beautiful, yellow and still unidentified :-).

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Balcony Flowers #123

Another Anemone from mid-May, but there’s actually a late bloomer opening right now.

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City Views #188: Rural Roads

Even further up this road, which used to be my way to school for nine years,
it gets really rural and remnants of the old city begin to emerge.

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Springflowers #154

Blossoms vanishing into a shallow depth of field.

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