Archive 3. June 2014

City Views #191: Concrete Office Monster II

Remember the office building I posted last week? This is the same building seen from the other side at the square in front of Mülheim’s main railway station. I’ll post a panorama of this area I’ve taken together with this photo today soon. Here you can see the twin buildings and part of the railway station’s main hall on the left, the wall in front of the house is actually the viaduct of the old disused railway track – the main railway line is to the very far left almost behind me in this photo.

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Springflowers #159

Something tiny and blue, probably Speedwell.

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Balcony Flowers #128

Meanwhile on another part of the Balcony…

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ISS 2014 #2

Last night’s second try of capturing the ISS looking directly to the East – this was more difficult to process because the sky was more hazy than before. The light pollution is not really so bad in this direction, it just looks like this because I brightened up the image a little. Because of the portrait orientation, the sensor noise hotspot is now in the lower left corner, where it’s not so annoying. This is another 128-second exposure with the Canon Powershot S5 running CHDK, showing that you don’t really need super-expensive gear to take this kind of photo.

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Springflowers #158

More April Lilac.

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Balcony Flowers #127

The big Anemone from mid-May, and it’s not the last one!

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ISS 2014 #1

This year’s first try at photographing the International Space Station from the pass at about 00:11 CEST. Yes, I’ve still got the same wobbly tripod, so the trail is a bit wonky, but it basically worked. Bear in mind that this was taken with a Canon Powershot S5 running CHDK in a single 128-second exposure – this camera is not really designed for such long exposure times and this is why you see the bright sensor noise spot in the top left. There’s another pass in less than an hour at 01:46 CEST with the station flying directly overhead which I will also try to get – and hopefully post tomorrow.

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