City Views #266: Inner City Demolition 19

A closeup of the situation during the demolition work on Mülheim’s Viktoriaplatz on January 16th, 2008 – during the attempt to remove the remaining parts of the building, the roof of the smaller adjacent house was heavily damaged. This was actually after the big piece of rubble threatened to fall onto the roof, in a second incident the roof and the wall were really damaged where you can see the tarp thrown over it. The house belongs to a lawyer, who found out to his great surprise that the company, doing the demolition didn’t have any insurance! There was a major political kerfuffle about this because this firm was sub-contracted by a facility management company which was commissioned by the city to tear down the old building and build a new one. Somewhere in the line of contractors there was a disconnect in terms of insurance – and it got even stranger strange when the demolition company suddenly vanished and their boss seemed to have fled the country!

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