Camera Upgrade – Hello Canon Powershot SX1

I have been occasionally mentioning that I was not entirely happy with the Canon Powershot S5 I’ve been using since April 2013 because of some strange sharpness issues with the lens, so I decided to hunt for a new camera as soon as I had saved a bit up for it. After several unsuccessful attempts to get a somewhat newer model on eBay I was finally lucky last weekend and got a very nice, almost as good as new Powershot SX1 for a very decent price of a little over €80.

It may not be the newest and most powerful camera, but it’s still a big step up from the S5 – a slightly larger 16:9 display, 10 instead of 8 Megapixels, 20x zoom instead of 12 with an 35mm equivalent of 560mm, HD video capability and a fast CMOS sensor with the DigicIV image processor are certainly good enough for me! I have only been able to test the camera a little bit but so far I’m really happy with it and it does everything the S5 is able to do –  including running the CHDK firmware addon. The different lens and controls will take a bit getting used to, but nothing has been so radically changed that it would be a huge problem for me – quite the contrary, I already like the new buttons and the lens is certainly going to be a lot of fun!

Photo posting will go on as usual with the summer stash, but I will try to take some more daylight shots with the new camera tomorrow and maybe post a short series of SX1 photos!

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