City Views #193: Mülheim Hauptbahnhof

This is a panorama of Mülheim’s main railway station seen from the square in front of its building, which is actually kind of wedge-shaped between the active line you see in this direction and the older, now disused and partially dismantled line. The building and the underpass below the tracks have been extensively renovated recently, but as you can see the top of the platform still looks very 1950s. It’s still not a pretty place to arrive and yes, this railway station still does not have toilet facilities anywhere – for that, you have to go, or run as it may be, a couple of hundred meters into the adjacent shopping center, which is behind me in this photo. There are some minor stitching errors in this panorama which I wasn’t able to fix without a lot of effort, but I just wanted to show this to get the previous photos in a bit of perspective.

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