City Views #194: Mülheim Hauptbahnhof II

Another Panorama of Mülheim’s main railway station, seen from the other side of the Eppinghofer Strasse. On the left is the embankment with the active railway line and the station platforms, in the middle is the old station building – which used to have a big sign with HAUPTBAHNHOF on the front before it was removed during the recent renovation and on the right is the second, disused railway viaduct with the office buildings behind it. You can even see one of the inner city highrise buildings on the far right. This panorama is only spoiled a little by the police van parking in front of the station building – shortly after I took this photo, a couple of policemen came out and put on something which almost looked like riot gear! Then they went into the station – I have no idea if this was a raid or they just wanted to get something to eat, but we didn’t risk going through the station and instead walked a short detour ;-).

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