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City Views #498: Hertie

When I had scanned the photos of the factory demolition, I found a few other photos of the city from back in 1990. I had actually posted this one some time ago, but now I made a slightly improved scan with an additional colour version. This is what used to be the Hertie department store, now a part of the Forum shopping mall. It used to be a huge multi-level store with everything from a food department to clothes, furniture and more, but today it’s all separated into different parts with none of the storeys connected with each other anymore. The parking lot is still there today and the strange half-round thing in the front is actually an old glassware recycling container that used to be common around here in the 1980s and 1990s. There should be a corresponding recent photo somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet – I guess I have to take a fresh one next time I walk by there!
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Cactus Flower 2015-II #52

This is definitively the last Cactus Flower photo from 2015… but there are already more on the way!

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Balcony Flowers 2015 #657

Another December Daisy.

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