Archive 25. January 2016

Crow Invasion 3

One more blurry abstract shot of the crows, just for fun. They’ve actually
been quiet this evening, but the last three nights were really noisy!

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Winter Flowers 2016 #1

No, I’m not kidding – it’s January 25 and I found some crocuses today outside! It was actually pretty warm today with almost 14°C/57°F after we had sub-zero temperatures only a week ago.

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Gallery: Bugspotting 2015

Next in the gallery posts from last year is the Bugspotting Gallery of 2015 with all the spiders, bumblebees flies and other six-to-eight legged creatures – so be advised that there are more than a few creepy-crawlies in there! Although the new camera proved to be exceptionally good with macro photography, I didn’t get too many chances to try this out, but I had a resident garden cross spider for some time on the balcony and also managed some very nice bumblebee shots. Click on the preview photo above or on the link below to go to the gallery itself and you can also visit my Google+ Profile or the Animal Gallery Collection to find the parallel G+ version for easier viewing.


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City Views #519: Up the South Hill 5

This can happen to you often here in this city – there are lots of closed streets for many different reasons. This actually concerns a street somewhat further away, but it’s necessary as an early warning at this location and frankly this shot just begged to be taken :-).
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