Archive 27. January 2016

City Views #522: Up the South Hill 8

Here is the first of several panoramas in this sub-series, the intersection of Mülheim’s Kämpchen- and Paul-Essers-Strasse looking to the Southeast. Here you can see the contrast between the older buildings at the left and the highrises on the right, although the angles are slightly exaggerated due to the combination of the panorama stitching and the wide-angle lens. Don’t forget to check out the colour version too, because both buildings have a decidedly blue hue!
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Cactus Flower 2016 #14

I should post those before they start to pile up… a new blossom from yesterday!

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Maple Magpie III

The Magpies are definitively staking out new nesting opportunities!

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Gallery: Squirrels 2015

This is the last of the animal-related albums from last year and the Squirrel Gallery of 2015 has only eight photos, but they were such a huge surprise! In all the decades we’ve been living here we never had a single squirrel in the backyard and 2015 was the first time they showed up and in November even climbed the balconies. They were really hard to photograph, but I also shot a bit of video, some of which I haven’t even posted yet! Click on the preview photo above or on the link below to go to the gallery itself and you can also visit my Google+ Profile or the Animal Gallery Collection to find the parallel G+ version.


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