Archive 31. January 2016

City Views #526: Up the South Hill 12

Another shot from the raised entrance of the sports hall which is usually closed off – this is to the Northwest and shows the new building complex with the supermarket in the ground floor I have often mentioned. This stretch of housess was actually only built in the early 2000s, before there was just a parking lot here. Originally there used to be an area full of army barracks here, which were thankfully used only for non-military purposes after 1945 until they were torn down in the late 1960s.
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Cactus Flower 2016 #18

Cactus flower closeup! Or how to get pollen on your lens :-).

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Gallery: Balcony Veggies 2015

I keep finding galleries to post… here are the Balcony Veggies of 2015, from the first little seedlings to the finished produce – there was a lot last year and there are more than a few photos in the album I actually never got around to post!  Click on the preview photo above or the link below to go to the gallery, but you can also find a G+ version over on my Google+ Profile or the Flowers, Veg & Fruit Gallery Collection (which I’ve renamed to include the contents of this gallery too!)


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