Archive 28. January 2016

City Views #523: Up the South Hill 9

A view back down Mülheim’s Kämpchenstrasse across the intersection in the reverse direction I showed in the previous photo. Have a look at the colour version too for the new paint scheme the houses have received some years ago. I may have a photo somewhere showing how shabby they looked before!
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Magpies vs. Pigeons

I posted this as part of the Birdspotting Gallery, but never on its own – here’s an example from last July of a Magpie harrassing one of the Pigeons that was perching on the antennae of a nearby house!

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Cactus Flower 2016 #15

A second shot from two days ago because I haven’t processed any more yet :-).

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Gallery: Kitchen Flowers 2015

I completely forgot that I actually had another flower album with photos taken inside early and late last year – I called them Kitchen Flowers of 2015 because that’s where we put the Amaryllis (also guest starring one tiny Hyacinth). Click on the preview photo above or the link below to go to the gallery, but you can also find a G+ version over on my Google+ Profile or the Flower Gallery Collection.


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