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City Views #514: Walking Home 14

Looking up Mülheim’s Eduardstrasse on the side of the block of houses we live in – apart from the lighter colour of the houses, this part of the street looks like it did almost sixty years ago.
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Moon #119

More Moon and more craters from January 17. For those that tune in here for the first time: my Moon photos are not taken through a telescope, only with a modest Canon Powershot SX1 at 20x zoom (560mm in 35mm terms). At 10mp resolution, this allows an image size of only about 600×600 pixels, but I still love to try it once in a while because it’s amazing how much detail you can pick up with such a relatively “little” camera. Each photo is made up of about 15-20 stacked frames combined with Registax to get rid of the camera noise and bring out more detail. Final tweaking was done in Paint Shop Pro X with a bit of contrast and brightness balancing and a highpass filter in addition to Registax’ Wavelet sharpening. I wish I had a camera with an even more powerful zoom so I could get even closer, though!

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Cactus Flower 2016 #8

A classic Schlumbergera blossom pose… it just opened today on the smaller of our two plants!

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Gallery – Balcony Flowers 2015

The Balcony Flowers Gallery of 2015 is making the start for the complete gallery posts from last year, which I have now finally integraded into my local album software. This gallery has all the flowers I shot on our own balconies, for flower photos from outside stay tuned for the next batch of galleries! Click on the preview photo above or on the link below to go to the gallery itself or you can wander over to my Google+ Profile or the Nature Gallery Collection to find the G+ version, although the locally hosted versions have a slightly better quality because Google Photos does a slight recompression nowadays.


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