Archive 22. January 2016

City Views #517: Up the South Hill 3

A wide-angle shot up (or down, depending on the perspective) Mülheim’s Kämpchenstrasse – you might recognise some of the houses from previous pictures, especially the one on the left!
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Moon #122

No Moon shots due to clouds today or on the 20th, but yesterday I had a chance before the nasty weather came – so here’s an almost full Moon from last evening!

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Cactus Flower 2016 #11

Since the top blossom started to wilt today, I went for a low angle to hide it behind the second one :-).

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Gallery – Autumn Flowers 2015

The Autumn Flowers Gallery of 2015 is the sequel of the Summer Flowers from September and October with all the flowers from everywhere except our balconies. Click on the preview photo above or on the link below to go to the gallery itself or you can go over to my Google+ Profile or the Nature Gallery Collection to find the G+ version, but the website gallery is basically the master version.


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